Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Following Atticus: Book Trailer

Here's a brilliant "dog" book trailer I just had share with you. After watching this we're sure you'll agree that Atticus the dog is so freakin' adorable!

Don't you just love him?

Tom Ryan is a middle-aged, overweight, no-nonsense newspaper editor.  But when Atticus M. Finch, a miniature schnauzer, arrives, he is forced to question everything about his life.  Wanting to raise money in memory of a friend who died of cancer, Tom decides that they will both climb 48 of New Hampshire's mountains during a single winter - twice.  What awaits the pair is the adventure of a lifetime.  In an enchanting but dangerous winter wonderland, they face raging blizzards, frostbite and storms.  It is a rare test of endurance that soon becomes a soul-searching journey.  And then, within a month of returning home, tragedy strikes.  Atticus goes blind, and the blood tests suggest something even worse. Now facing an even greater challenge, Tom and Atticus undertake a journey through darkness and into light.  Following Atticus is a heart-warming story of friendship, selflessness, redemption - and above all, love.

We're also very excited to tell you that the lovely publicist, Helen, from Penguin books has sent me the book to review, and will also donate three copies for a giveaway prize!

Keep your tongue drooling and your tails wagging for a competition very soon. :)