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Hi there! So, you’ve found us and now you are probably wondering “What’s this all about then?”. Well, first, I’m delighted you’re here. I’m looking for people like you, dog lovers, to share my dog blog news, reviews and giveaways. 

I already have a book review and promo review site over at alternative-read.com where I am known in book circles as Sassy Brit (don’t ask! LOL), but this blog is more of a personal passion about another love of mine. Two loves actually. My dogs.   

Why the separate blog?  I have so much doggie stuff I want to share with you, making a separate home to do this felt like the right thing to do. After all, unless my current bookish followers are dog mad like me, it wouldn’t feel right raving about my hairy hounds when it was not what they signed up for, right?

Of course, some of my readers and authors from AR may be as barking mad as me when it comes to the subject of dogs, and that’s brilliant. I, (or should that be “we”?), welcome you all. Where ever you are and what ever you do, please leave a comment on this dog blog and show your support. It truly will mean a lot to us. 

Well, I’ve kept you chatting for far too long already. We hope you’ll find this a useful and interesting place to hang out.  

Looking forward to swapping stories, reviews and getting to know you and your adorable best friends. 

Now, let me introduce you to mine...  Meet the girls, Holly and Tia 

To contact me with regard to a ‘My Dogs Review...’ product review, be featured as our guest blogger, promote a giveaway, or any other query, please email: Sassy.Brit@gmail.com

Thank you!

Sassy  Brit
My Dogs Review...

Disclaimer:  If we received a free sample for use in our reviews, our review is our opinion and the receipt of these products do not influence us. We do not receive any compensation for our reviews, unless you include our readers supportive comments, which is the most rewarding compensation we could ever ask for. Instead our content may contain affiliate links for which compensation may be given if you make a purchase from the site linked to in the review.

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