Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our newest pack member: Tia

Me looking all forlorn!
The Underdog and Reviewer, Tia:

Yo! I’m a rescue dog trying to leave a troubled past behind me. It's not easy, but I do try. I still have issues with requiring oodles of attention, but I’ve learnt to fit in with the rest of the pack and and stop stealing food now. Although, eating just about anything that comes my way is still a favourite pastime of mine. That and splashing around in any water I can find. Puddles included.

I’m a silent worker. Unless I’m licking you all over and trying to be petted, if you can’t see me you’d better come and check what I’m up to. I still like to chew things, you see, and I only tend to do it when I’m not getting enough attention. And I can never get enough. I'm addicted.

Favourite hobbies include Frisbee catching, eating, rolling around on my back in fox poo with Holly, walks, eating, riding in the front of the car in the passenger seat, eating and laying on the grass in our garden under the midday sun until I practically cook. Oh, and I also like to carry cuddly toys and slippers around as though they’re my babies. And eat.

As for things I don’t like at the top of my list are Labradors, Collies, Alsatians and most of all, Boxer dogs. Apart from them, I love everybody and I’m the soppiest, most wettest, dog alive. I also look rather like a fat woolly sheep when my fur gets wet. And at times, smell like one, too.

I was born in 2006 and I celebrate my birthday on 19th June. That makes me five years old.  I’m a pure bred pedigree Labrador Retriever and I used to live next door to the queen in Sandringham. My full posh name is Avosetta Violet, but everyone in the hood and the 'Dog Witness Protection Programme' now call me Tia. 

I've swapped my tiara for a T-Shirt and hoodie. And I love it!  

What's your story?

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